Media Mix

The media mix is like a tool box – the marketing plan, market conditions, budget, objectives and consumer habits (instructions) will dictate the use of specific tactics (tools).

An integrated, multi-tier plan of traditional, social & digital media will amplify the reach and frequency of each campaign, resulting in a mass user accumulation and lower cost per customer acquisition.

Efficiencies and added value are critical to the success of any media plan – it’s not about how much money you spend, it’s about how and where you spend it.

Digital Media – target your audience where they spend the most time consuming media: their computers, smart phones and tablets

Search & Retargeting
Behavioral Targeted Display
Pre-Roll Video
TrueView / YouTube
Mobile Geo-Fencing & Conquesting

Social Media – the organic amplifier
Television – seeing is believing, the credible and cost effective reach medium
Radio – theater of the mind, the targeted and cost effective frequency medium
Print – local credibility
Direct Mail – call-to-action
Outdoor – visual reach
Events – spectacle is our specialty